How it Works

Background Check

First step for to be a professional recruitment is completely screening information of candidate’s profile and appropriate to customer want.
Process of Screening Profile
1. Check the candidate’s profile.
2. Check candidate’s contact information.
3. Check the Education.
4. Check the work experience.
5. Check the certificates. If that jobs require special skills.
6. Check insights as an organization or through any type of business.


The process of selection for our candidates to run for the position and the culture of organizations interviewed is intended to have the opportunity to know the details with more applicants than those specified in the application.
Process of Interview
1. Define the question to match with the jobs.
2. Find a target of job interview such as customer want to discuss from a personality of candidates.
3. Ask about any type of business or organization through with.
4. Choose a question to decide the candidate that has enough skill in the organization want.
5. Open opportunity to a candidates for ask question to the attention of the candidates or positions on the organization of the client company.

Soft Skill Best

Testing soft skill to understand knowledge, ability and specialist skill of candidate. With this testing will make analyze a personality, mindset, and leadership for our customer.
Department need of Soft Skill
1. Management department
2. Human resource department
3. IT department
4. Design department
5. Marketing department
6. Sale department
7. Service department
8. Communication department such as translator and guide

Training Course

Preparation before starting the work has 2 courses.
1. Worker course
- Troubleshooting to reduce conflict and decision processes.
- Developing to successful their life.
- Leadership skill.
- Create a Teamwork Projects.
- Honest to themselves and their colleagues.
- Attitude and Ethic to organization.
- Technical Working proactively with confidence in the profession.
- Positive working to solve the problem.
- Communication to create a good relationship about work.
- Positions that have responsibility and time management course.
2. Fresh graduate course
- Personality development and to adapt to the working.
- Planning goals in life. Inspiring to work.
- Self-development to success in life firmly.
- Confidence in their own pros and believes himself to have featured.
- Communication builds good relationships.
- Develop skills and ideas.
- Ethics Institute and attitude awareness.
- To see a value of jobs and prides himself on never stop to develop.

Customer Service

ORCHIDJOBS is an organization to focus on service and impress after receive a customer service is important. To give customers confidence and trust in our services businesses is customer retention with quality and improve service quality more.
Focus on Fastness
In addition, the quality of goods or service. Another indispensable thing is a fast means to respond to the needs of the customer
Strategic focus on customer success.
Good service is a service that customers already use to solve the customer’s thing. The process works to help customers make them work easier. The maximum of our target is achieved by getting the staff is knowledgeable. An understanding of the corporate culture and a clear guide the work of the organization to the customer at the forefront of the push to enterprise customers continue increase to be stable.